QSeer Coupon Reader App Reviews

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Zero stars!

Does nothing at all, uninstalled and re-installed. Checked that my camera was granted access. When you try to scan a coupon nothing at all happens! Waste of money!

A must for ALL Couponers!

The updated version is better than ever. Love the new flash feature! Totally worth the money. Awesome app!!! This app tells you what the new bar codes on coupons mean. Since they changed the bar codes, I kept being surprised at checkout by coupons that were coded not to double, and by other coupons that were bounced by the register. With this app I have my couponing mojo back!! Ive already found several coupon errors! Every Couponer needs this app! QSeer does all they claim and more!!!!

HIGHLY recommended

Extremely helpful in creating scenarios and getting the best deals!

iPhone 6 Plus and 5c dont work

Caution didnt work on 6 Plus and 5c dont wast your money.

Works perfect

A friend told me about this app i am HUGE on couponing. I have the iphone 6s plus and it works perfect for me.

Does not work on IPhone 6s Plus

Does not have the green brackets for coupons. Contacted developer several times without a response. Will be requesting a refund.


This app does not work but maybe for a flashlight... It does not have a green line on screen to center the bar code at all and after I open the app my phone freaks out, becomes slow and freezes. Just had to hard reset for it to finally stop. Do not download.

Good on my iPhone 5, but not on my 6

This app done really well until I upgraded my iPhone from a 5 to a 6 plus. Now it wont scan the coupon half the time.


I am a super couponer and this app has taken me to another level. It works perfectly and gives me all the information I need to use my coupons correctly. Occasionally my camera doesnt want to focus on a coupon but a quick flick away from the coupon resets the focus. Worth EVERY penny!!!

Doesnt work at all!!!!

This app should be removed it literally does not work at all the developers should consider either fixing it or removing it this is a rip off I definitely would like a refund!

Cant be trusted!

I was so excited to download this app and start saving money. It read that "coupon" was for any item, though that wasnt the case when it came time for check out..after about 20 mins of humiliation of the lady having to remove the items I didnt want, I am stuck with a worthless app that I paid for, time wasted at the grocery and I left almost empty handed! Do not buy!

Makes saving money easy

I must admit I wasnt much of a coupon user because it was always so confusing. This app makes it much easier. Kudos to the developer!

Not working in iPhone 6

Tried to scan coupons, this app does nothing. How do I request refund back?

No expiration date

I scanned several coupons and the app always showed "no expiration date" which was not true. Wish I could get my money back.

iPhone 6

I just downloaded the app and it wont scan. It wont even display the green lines to let me know where to place the bard code. I need help. I can see the bard code but it wont do anything on the app.

Love this!

This is definitely worth the money. Ive used it for a while now. I recommend it to all my friends! Thank you!

Doesnt work

I downloaded and it doesnt work. I just get a dark screen with no option to scan or anything else. Mad I paid for this!!!

Used to work great, now wont at all

When I first purchased this it worked great, now it wont scan anything at all and just crashes. Quite annoying

Doesnt work properly

This app doesnt work properly. I sat here with a stack of coupons and tried to scan each one, but the app just sat there and did nothing. There was no green box, no error, nothing. Finally, it worked on 2 distinct Cottonelle coupons. The app is really of no use if it only works on 5-10% of the coupons you attempt to scan. I will be requesting a refund.

Blank screen

This app worked great when it worked. Now I just get a blank/black screen whenever I try to view & scan a coupon/barcode. After updating to iOS 8.1 I tried deleting & reinstalling the Qseer app but the problem persists.

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